About Us


• Psychological Empowerment Team:

The group is responsible for conducting group psychotherapies, workshops in order to recognize the existence of psychological and social trauma. The purpose of the group’s actions is to inform the public about mental health issues. The participating individuals, through group activities will have the opportunity for a journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

• Information and Awareness Team:

The team is responsible for the daily collection of important news and information on gender issues, social justice and informing the general public by creating articles and posts on GEA’s social media on social, political, psychological and feminist issues.

• Communication Group:

The team is responsible for external communication with agencies and organizations of the wider community and citizens. In addition to the possibility of direct personalized communication, GEA is directly involved in social developments, such as the publication of the online Resolution on the AVAAZ platform for the law establishing Compulsory Custody. (https://secure.avaaz.org/community_petitions/el/ypoyrgeio_dikaiosynis_psifisma_gia_to_shn_shetika_me_tis_metarrythmiseis_toy_oikogeneiakoy_dikaioy/?rc=fb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=petition-1207558-psifisma_gia_to_shn_shetika_me_tis_metarrythmiseis_toy_oikogeneiakoy_dikaioy&utm_term=uXbgsb%2Bel&fbclid=IwAR0I-htO2_OU1-olKMcTy88N1qiG2JbKooilWttkQGjTk17FqGOLTfAhyUI)

• Social Events Organizing Team:

The team is responsible for organizing and promoting social events. GEA has already made two online events: the first two days on the occasion of International Women’s Day “The Faces of Today”

(https://www.facebook.com/113630380768900/videos/443879863613233 and https://www.facebook.com/113630380768900/videos/780736392537992)

and another Conference on the introduction of Compulsory Co-Care (https://www.facebook.com/113630380768900/videos/3002177170068893).

• Volunteering and Social Contribution Team:

This group is responsible for GEA’s human resources and the organization of social actions, such as the one created in the run-up to Easter to support the “Melissa” Orphanage in Thessaloniki, by raising money to meet basic needs.