“Not one [woman] less!”

One in three women internationally, according to UN statistics, is abused in her relationship. Unfortunately, our worst fears came true. Caroline Crouch was brutally murdered by her husband while asleep, with her months old daughter. The emotions that emerge are like a knot in the stomach, it could happen to any of us. But it happened to her…

It frightens me that there are people even today who question or oppose the use of the term feminicide, preferring to read about a murder is rather a bit more “digestible” and do not want to admit that they belong to the dominant social group. I wonder what they fear using this term?

Do not be afraid! You hold your privileges tightly in the palm of one hand! But probably because you have been holding them tight for years they are now invisible… Exactly, the people who are unable to recognize or do not want to see the institutional necessity of the existence and use of this term, are the people who benefit and are comfortable with the system called patriarchy!

A few words about the term femicide and how it came about: it was officially registered in 1801 for the first time in a legal dictionary by John Corry. This was followed by Dianna Russell’s report to the First International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women. In 2001, in her work “Femicide in Global Perspective”, she defined femicide as the “murder of women with the sole cause of their own gender”.

This need to introduce a distinct term from that of homicide has arisen from the high women homicide rates worldwide by husbands, former or current partners, or members of their family environment. Simply, both the term and its use are not boasts of feminists, but a consequence of reality and the pursuit to highlight the phenomenon and especially the protection of victims.

Femicide is the last chapter in the history of violence, as victims are often subjected to various forms of domestic violence, which range from verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual violence, to economic deprivation and social isolation of the victim.

The cycle of violence can begin with an “innocent” emotional and psychological abuse and can lead to physical violence, such as beating, drowning attempts, hair pulling, and forced sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, even today there are women who while experiencing the vicious cycle of violence do not want or often can not leave the abusive environment either because they show signs of dependence on the perpetrator or because they do not have immediate psychological, financial and emotional support to escape from the torment of violence.

Despite the calls of the UN and the feminist movement, the term femicide in our country has not yet been used institutionally, ie it has not been included in any provision of the Penal Code, as a distinct form of the crime of murder. While, the numbers show the need for a formal adoption of the term, in order to prevent and combat the phenomenon. Unfortunately, the use of the term is a sad finding of the authoritarian tendencies of many men onto their wives, partners and even daughters. It is the immediate shield of women whose lives are in danger.

For forty days, we are one less! The point is not to mourn another of our sisters, because in her place can potentially be found anyone! It is worth joining our voice to succeed in establishing a specific legal framework for this heinous phenomenon.
In case something comes to your notice, you can contact the following competent services:
• SOS Line 15900 (Abuse of Women)
• 100 (emergency phone number-Greek Police)
• SOS Line 1065 (Life Line-Elderly Abuse)
• National Line SOS 1056 – The Child’s Smile (To chamogelo tou paidiou)


Sketch Source: Nika Manika