Conference on Ferti…what?

I wanted to be as calm as possible to take a stand on what my eyes saw and read about the “1st Panhellenic Conference on Fertility and Reproductive Autonomy: Limits and Choices”, which would have taken place on 2nd to 4th July 2021 , in Ioannina. After a massive wave of reactions from civil society and the feminist movement, the conference was finally canceled!

I do not know where to start from! From the fact that the celebrities of this country had to be involved in order for the State, the institutional representatives and the scientific community to realize its great faux pas? I expected more from the PD, as well as from the General Secretariat for Demography, Family Policy and Gender Equality, because in both of these institutional levels the reins are held by women. Women who experienced in their skin the daily sexism, discrimination and social pressure and the struggle for independence and freedom.

I know – I know, you think “but what are you saying?” and I ask you: is a woman essentially free when stereotypes and social norms keep her away from her real self? Is a woman in control of her body when her body is being “negotiated” by others EVERY DAY WITHOUT HER LICENSE? No, she is not free. There is self-disposition in her body. Have you heard anywhere that self-disposition and the use of the male body are negotiated?

If there is one thing I feel sorry for, is mainly the younger generation of women who are constantly receiving contradictory messages. From the one side, to claim the real gender equality and on the other side, the decline of human rights, fear, conservatism and the regression of social acquis. They have to repeat the demands of the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s. We will have to learn how to walk… we went so back!

Negotiation of the right to abortion, negotiation of economic and social equality and now also “Fertility Conference”, I got lost somewhere… someone help me. First of all, in which «Greece» should I become a mother? In Greece where the basic salary is 500 euros? In Greece of non-existent social structures and minimal social welfare? In Greece, where even today young couples are not being helped by the state in starting a family, and the couple’s families replace the welfare state? In Greece where ONLY THE WOMAN IS CALLED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN A CAREER OR A FAMILY? In Greece where different forms of family or motherhood are considered taboo?

In the “exceptional” and “modern” spot of the “Conference” there is a woman with a cake and she says the following: “And suddenly, the day comes when you grow older. And just like that, the review begins. Not for what you did, but for what you should have done. “What are you waiting for? When are you getting married? When will you become a mother?” You went to university. You got a good job. You met the man of your dreams. And suddenly you learn that this 4 in the double digit of your age does not allow you to become a mother “” What have I done wrong? ” “You have done nothing wrong. You just did not know “answers a voice.


What rights are we talking about exactly? Even the title offends women who for some biological reason can not have a child in a natural way or even by IVF. It offends ALL of us, as it dictates what we will do with OUR BODY! Believe us, if we want to have children either biologically or through adoption, we are able to judge it alone with our partner or even alone!

Enough with the social imperatives! Enough with the necessities related to the female existence and the female body! Let’s keep in mind the following phrase: “NO UTERUS- NO OPINION”. If you are really interested in the low birth rate in our country, abolish the client state, the corruption, create decent jobs and a welfare state with institutions and structures and let us choose when and if we will become mothers. Do not underestimate the importance of motherhood!